Glen Canyon Natural History Association relies on the support of people like you! Help out by getting involved as a volunteer. It's free and a great way to give back to public lands.

Volunteer Opportunities for 2017

  • Horseshoe Bend Star Party
    • Page, AZ-  August 18 & 19
  • Wild & Scenic Film Festival
    • Kanab, UT-  May 20
    • Page, AZ-  June 03
    • Escalante, UT-  September 22
  • Glen Canyon Bat Festival
    • Page, AZ-  July 22
  • Navajo Bridge Star Party
    • Marble Canyon, AZ-  November 17 & 18

Volunteer on Public Lands

  • Canyon Host - Floating Campground Host
    • Glen Canyon NRA- April 1 - Sept. 30
  • Costume Designer
    • Glen Canyon NRA- April 1
  • Sewing Professional
    • Glen Canyon NRA- April 1
  • Desk Officer
    • Glen Canyon NRA- May 1 - Sept. 30

For more information on Glen Canyon NRA volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer.gov

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