Kayaking & Boating in Glen Canyon

With approximately 1960 miles (3161 km) of shoreline and 6 established launch sites, Lake Powell and the 15 mile (24 km) section of the Colorado below the Glen Canyon Dam provide ample opportunity for exploration by water. Rental services are available at both the down lake marinas as well as in the town of Page, Arizona.


Lake Powell Resorts & Marinas
100 Lakeshore Drive
Page, AZ 86040
(800) 528-6154

Kayaking Lake Powell

Lake Powell Kayak Adventures
PO Box 3681
Page, AZ 86040
(888) 854-7862

Lake Powell Kayak Tours
PO Box 4780
Page, AZ 86040
(928) 645-3114

Hidden Canyon Kayak
PO Box 2526
Page, AZ 86040
(928) 645-8866