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Serena paints watercolors on site and draws detailed sketches, which she transforms into large oils. A selection of spectacular giclee prints were showcased to demonstrate Serena’s talent for interpreting color, space, and time within the various canyons of the Colorado Plateau. This series captured the towering cliffs of the Grand Canyon leading down the Colorado River, as well as a few new pieces from Page and the Glen Canyon area.


j.w. Powell museum

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Powell Museum & Archives


The Powell Museum & Archives has hosted a diverse range of exhibits on myriad subjects. From artistic interpretations of the land and its occupants to the history of federal policy, explore the range of the Museum’s history.

Powell Museum & Archives

Page oral history project

Experience the vibrant history of Page through its residents in this new digital exhibit from the John Wesley Powell Museum. Stories and memory combine to weave a personal narrative unlike any you’ve heard before. From dam construction and the development of Page to life before the first surveyors came with dreams of a giant reservoir. Tune in below, no need to set your radio dial.

Page Oral History Project

Powell Museum & Archives


Journey through a selection of the Powell Museum & Archives’ permanent collection from the comfort of your own home. Since its inception in 1969, the Powell Museum & Archives has accepted materials from the Bureau of Reclamation, hobby photographers and many others.

As a consequence, the museum has outgrown its ability to showcase it all. As of 2019, the museum has been aiming to digitize the full collection so that visitors can search or browse images and specimens through our online portal.